Riding by Faith

Well every rider does ride by faith in some way. Faith in the tires. Faith in the road. Faith in their own ability to fix the carburetor when necessary.  But these groups below ride because of some tie to a religious faith.  We say- great, whatever gets you riding.

Christian Motorcycle Association http://cmanwr1.org/wa/default.aspx

The United Methodist Motorcycle Association https://www.unitedmethodistma.com/

CMA Faith Riders http://cmaser6.org/fl/faithriders/default.aspx

Christian Motorcyclists Association http://www.cmausa.org/

Faith Riders https://faithriders.com/chapters/

United Muslim Bikers  http://unitedmuslimbikers.org/

Muslim American Motorcycle Association https://www.facebook.com/MUSLIM-AMERICAN-MOTORCYCLE-ASSOCIATION-114214465279342/

United Muslim Motorcycle Association http://www.bahath.co/meet-umma/

Jewish Motorcyclists Alliance https://www.jewishmotorcyclistsalliance.org/

Kind David Bikers http://www.kingdavidbikers.net/

Soldiers for Jesus MC is about http://www.soldiersforjesusmc.com/

Biker Cell Church  http://www.bikercell.com/us.html


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